Sponsorship Program

Calling All Influencers!

Kia Stinger Custom Steering Wheel

We are on the search for great automotive influencers who would like a chance to get a FREE custom steering wheel for their car. We will customize the steering wheel to exactly the way you want it, and ship it to you for free. You'll have make at least 3 mentions of us on your social media per month for 4 months.

Criteria to qualify:

1. Must have at least 50,000 followers on Instagram with an average of 5% or more engagement rate on your posts, or 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and get an average of 25,000 views on your videos.

2. Must already have steady content related to cars & trucks.

3. Steering wheel must not retail for more than $1,200. If the steering wheel you want cost more than that, you'll have to pay the difference. 

Please e-mail the owner, chris@mintzgarage.com to be considered!

If you do not meet the criteria above, a discount may be available for sponsorship given our discretion.